BuildNow GG - Online Game

BuildNow GG - Online Game


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BuildNow GG is not just another online game. It's a gaming platform that promotes strategy, teamwork, and creativity.

Benefits of playing BuildNow GG

Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving

Teamwork and Communication

Creativity and Innovation

Critical Thinking and Adaptability

Improved Motor Skills and Reaction Time

Sense of Accomplishment and Achievement


How to Play BuildNow GG

Movement in Builnow GG:

WASD/Arrow Keys: Move your character

Space: Jump 


Left-click: Fire

Right-click: Aim

Z: Pickaxe

1-5: Weapon Slots


V: Ramp

C: Floor

Q: Wall

Left Shift: Roof

F: Edit/Apply Edit

Scroll Wheel Down: Fast Edit Reset

Right-click: Reset Edit

Other Functions:

B: Emotes

P: Open Chat

M: Scoreboard

Tips to win Builnow GG game:

Building Smarts:

Quickly build basic structures like walls and ramps for initial protection. However, be flexible and modify your structures based on your opponent's playstyle.

Utilize different materials strategically: Wood is best for quick cover, while metal provides sturdier mid-game defense. Stone, though slow to build, offers ultimate protection in late-game standoffs.

High ground advantage: Gaining the high ground offers a tactical advantage. Build ramps and platforms to position yourself at a higher level, giving you a clear view and an easier shot at your opponent.

Sharpen Your Combat Skills:

Master the weapons: Familiarize yourself with the different weapons and their strengths and weaknesses. Choose the right weapon for the situation: sniper rifles for long-range, shotguns for close-combat, and assault rifles for a balanced approach.

Practice aiming and shooting: Hone your aim and learn to anticipate your opponent's movement. Utilize cover strategically and peek out for quick, accurate shots.

Manage ammo efficiently: Don't waste ammo! Fire in controlled bursts and conserve ammo for crucial moments. Utilize grenades strategically to flush out enemies or deal area damage.

Beyond Building and Shooting:

Resource management:

Map awareness:

Analyze your opponent: 


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