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Objectives of the Game

Captain Willie beckons players to join his crew and partake in the excitement of a maritime adventure. As a trusty deckhand, your primary responsibilities involve attending to routine ship tasks, such as chopping potatoes, stoking the furnace, and maintaining the deck's shipshape condition. This game provides a distinctive and hands-on approach to maritime life, immersing players in the day-to-day activities that keep a ship running seamlessly.

Game Mechanics and Rules

In Captain Willie, the rules are straightforward yet demand efficiency and attention to detail. As the deckhand, your mission is to complete routine ship tasks promptly. Whether it's preparing potatoes for the crew's meals, stoking the furnace to maintain a warm ship, or ensuring the deck is in top condition, every action plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of Captain Willie's vessel. For a more personalized gaming experience, players can toggle between full-screen and windowed mode using ALT + ENTER.


Maritime Adventure: Immerse yourself in a captivating maritime adventure as a dependable deckhand aboard Captain Willie's ship. Experience the daily tasks that contribute to the smooth operation of a seaworthy vessel.

Routine Ship Tasks: Undertake routine ship tasks, including chopping potatoes, stoking the furnace, and keeping the deck shipshape. Feel the satisfaction of contributing to the ship's operation and efficiency.

Hands-On Gameplay: Engage in hands-on gameplay that offers a unique perspective on maritime life. Execute tasks with precision and speed to ensure Captain Willie's ship sails smoothly.

ALT + ENTER for Customization: Use ALT + ENTER to seamlessly toggle between full-screen and windowed mode. Enjoy a customizable gaming experience that caters to your preferences.

Captain Willie's Crew: Become an integral part of Captain Willie's crew and form bonds with fellow sailors. Experience camaraderie and teamwork as you collaborate to keep the ship operational.

Challenges and Rewards: Encounter challenges throughout the maritime adventure, testing your efficiency and multitasking skills. Earn rewards for successfully completing tasks and contributing to the overall success of the ship.

Embark on this thrilling maritime journey, where each task contributes to the success of Captain Willie's seafaring escapade. Are you ready to prove your skills as a dedicated deckhand and help steer the ship to victory? Join Captain Willie's crew and set sail for an unforgettable gaming experience!


  • W, A, S, D: Move
  • Left mouse: Interact
  • Right mouse: Zoom
  • Shift: Run

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