Slither IO - Game Online 2024

Slither IO - Game Online 2024


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Overview Slither io

Let's talk about Slither io, a really fun game you can play online. It's all about controlling a snake and gobbling up colorful dots to grow bigger. But watch out! If you crash into another snake, you're out!

The Story about Slither IO

So, this game was created by a guy named Steve Howse in 2016. He wanted to mix the fun of old snake games with playing against friends and random people. People loved it because it's easy to play and keeps you entertained. You can play it on your computer or your phone. Enjoy slithering!

How to play Slither IO

Use Arrow keys or move your cursor to move.

Move: Use arrow keys and cursor

Accelerate: Left click

Play the game in the Fullscreen mode

Collect orbs to grow.

You can freely change Slither IO's skin color

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