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Objectives of the Game

The primary objective of Spend Larry Ellison's Money Game is to strategically manage and spend Larry Ellison's vast wealth. Players will navigate through a virtual representation of Ellison's financial world, making decisions that impact his net worth, public image, and global influence.

Game Mechanics and Rules

  1. Wealth Management: Players begin with Ellison's current net worth and must make investment decisions to grow it. They can manage assets, explore financial opportunities, and strategically allocate resources.

  2. Luxury Purchases: The core gameplay revolves around extravagant spending on high-end real estate, yachts, private jets, and collector's items. Each purchase affects Ellison's public image, leading to positive or negative consequences.

  3. Philanthropy: Players can engage in philanthropy, donating significant sums to charitable causes, establishing foundations, and funding research initiatives. These decisions influence public opinion, bringing rewards or challenges.

  4. Business Ventures: Investing in new ventures, start-ups, and cutting-edge technologies is an option. Players navigate the risks and rewards of the business world, making choices that impact Ellison's financial portfolio.

  5. Public Relations: Maintaining a positive public image is crucial. Players handle media interactions, respond to controversies, and engage in public relations campaigns. Reputation management significantly influences Ellison's ventures.

  6. Challenges: Unexpected events like economic downturns, legal issues, or technological disruptions add complexity. Players must adapt and make strategic decisions to overcome these obstacles.

  7. Global Impact: Ellison's wealth extends globally. Players can invest in international projects, influence global events, and interact with other virtual billionaires in multiplayer mode.

How to Earn Points or Progress

Points are earned through successful financial decisions, smart investments, positive public relations, and philanthropic efforts. Successfully navigating challenges and global impact scenarios also contributes to progress. Points can be used to unlock new opportunities, expand Ellison's empire, and achieve higher levels of wealth and influence.

Graphics and Design

The game boasts stunning graphics that showcase the opulence of Ellison's lifestyle. Virtual tours of luxurious properties, detailed depictions of high-end products, and visually immersive elements transport players into a world of extravagance.


The game is played using a mouse and keyboard. Players navigate through the virtual financial landscape by clicking and selecting options with the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts enhance gameplay efficiency. The user interface provides clear indicators of Ellison's net worth, current ventures, and available opportunities. Regular updates and expansions ensure a dynamic and engaging experience for players exploring the world of Spend Larry Ellison's Money Game.

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