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Objectives of the Game

Endless Truck players are thrust into the heart-pounding world of monster trucks and relentless racing. The primary objective is to navigate through various terrains and environments, collecting coins and fuel canisters along the way. The ultimate goal is to achieve the longest distance possible while mastering daredevil stunts and overcoming challenging obstacles.

Game Mechanics and Rules

Players control their custom monster truck using a directional pad, with acceleration and braking automated for a seamless gaming experience. The key to success lies in maintaining a delicate balance between speed and control. Collecting coins allows players to upgrade their trucks, enhancing handling, speed, and fuel capacity. The game features endless runs, offering a dynamic and unpredictable experience with each playthrough.

How to Earn Points or Progress

Progression in Endless Truck is fueled by skillful driving and strategic decision-making. Players earn points by collecting coins, completing missions at each level, and performing cool stunts. Perfect landings provide a significant speed boost, incentivizing players to aim for flawless execution. As players accumulate points, they unlock upgrades for their trucks, enabling them to tackle more challenging terrains and achieve even greater distances.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Maintain a balance between speed and control to avoid flipping over or running out of fuel.
  2. Time jumps carefully to land smoothly on ramps and avoid crashes or flips.
  3. Focus on collecting coins to purchase upgrades for your truck, enhancing its performance.
  4. Utilize perfect landings to gain a significant speed boost and extend your run.
  5. Complete missions at each level to earn additional rewards and progress further in the game.


  1. Upgradable Monster Trucks: Enhance your truck's speed, handling, and fuel capacity to conquer new challenges.
  2. Varying Terrains: Test your driving skills against a variety of landscapes, each presenting unique obstacles and opportunities.
  3. Infinite Gameplay: With Endless Truck, the excitement never ends as players strive to achieve their best distance.
  4. Coin Collection: Collect coins throughout your journey to unlock upgrades and earn extra rewards.
  5. Thrilling Stunts: Perform daring maneuvers and perfect landings to earn additional points and speed boosts, adding an extra layer of excitement to your ride.

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Endless Truck, where every run brings new thrills and challenges. Are you ready to conquer the terrain and become the ultimate monster truck champion?

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