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Objectives of the Game is an innovative browser game that combines elements of strategy, survival, and a touch of humor, centered around the theme of people and the coronavirus. The primary objective of the game is to navigate the virtual world, avoiding infection, and fulfilling unique roles to either spread or contain the virus.

Game Mechanics and Rules

The game features four distinct characters, each with specific abilities and roles:

  1. Healthy Person: This character has the ability to walk or run freely on the map. They can actively seek out a disinfector or a bat to transform into a doctor or a killer.

  2. Infected with Coronavirus: Players in this role can cough and vomit, but are unable to run. Their objective is to infect as many people as possible or locate a doctor to recover. Each action by the infected character leads to a gradual loss of health.

  3. Doctor: Identified by the disinfector in hand, the doctor can squirt disinfectant to cure infected players. The doctor's task is to move swiftly, curing as many coronavirus-infected individuals as possible.

  4. Killer: Armed with a bat, the killer can beat and run to eliminate infected characters. The killer's goal is to take down as many infected players as possible.

To make the game more challenging and dynamic, each action performed by a coronavirus-infected character results in a reduction of their health. To replenish health, players must collect toilet paper scattered across the virtual landscape.

How to Earn Points or Progress

Players can earn points and progress in the game based on their chosen roles and successful execution of tasks:

  1. Healthy Person: Points are awarded for successfully transforming into a doctor or a killer, depending on the chosen path.

  2. Infected with Coronavirus: Points are gained by infecting healthy individuals and successfully avoiding doctors or killers. Recovering as an infected player also rewards points.

  3. Doctor: Points are earned by successfully curing infected players. The more individuals cured, the higher the score.

  4. Killer: Points are accumulated by eliminating coronavirus-infected characters. The killer with the highest number of takedowns achieves the highest score. provides a unique gaming experience that blends strategy, humor, and the current global scenario. Whether you choose to spread the virus or work towards its containment, the game offers an entertaining and engaging platform for players to test their skills and wit.

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