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Objectives of the Game

Kitty Cats is a delightful simulation game designed to immerse players in the charming world of feline companionship. Your main objectives include playing, petting, and dressing up a collection of six irresistibly cute kitties. Each cat has unique preferences and desires, and your goal is to fulfill their needs to ensure a happy and content kitty family.

Game Mechanics and Rules

The game introduces intuitive mechanics to make your interaction with the adorable kittens seamless and enjoyable. To play, you need to read your kitten's mind, as each cat has its own distinct personality. A thought bubble above their heads provides insight into their desires, allowing you to respond accordingly.

The gameplay also involves watching your feline friends have a blast with various toys. Whether it's chasing a bouncing ball or pouncing on a feathered wand, the joyous antics of your kitties are sure to bring a smile to your face. Additionally, you can enhance their happiness by treating them to delicious biscuits, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

How to Earn Points or Progress

Points are earned by successfully meeting your kitten's needs and keeping them content. By accurately deciphering their thoughts and providing the right toys and treats, you accumulate points that contribute to your overall progress in the game. The happier your kittens are, the more points you earn, unlocking new features, outfits, and interactive elements.

Dress Up Your Kitten

Once you've explored all the delightful activities with your furry friends, head to the dressing room for a dose of fashion and fun. Choose from a variety of adorable outfits to dress up your kittens, creating unique and charming looks. Capture these moments by snapping pictures in the dressing room, showcasing your stylish and contented feline companions.


  1. Six Cute Kitties to Play With: Each with its own personality, preferences, and distinctive charm, these kitties offer a diverse and heartwarming experience.

  2. Match Your Kitten's Needs: Keep a close eye on the thought bubbles to understand your kitten's desires, creating a strong bond between you and your virtual feline friends.

  3. Play and Feed Them Delicious Treats: Engage in entertaining play sessions and treat your kittens to delectable biscuits, adding joy to their virtual lives.

  4. Various Adorable Outfits to Wear: Express your creativity by dressing up your kittens in a wide range of outfits, ensuring they look as charming as ever.

Embark on a whimsical adventure with Kitty Cats, where the joy of pet ownership comes to life in a virtual world filled with cuteness, playfulness, and endless fun!

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