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Objectives of the Game

Wrong Way offers players an exhilarating experience where they can unleash their creativity by designing their own race tracks. The primary objective is to create challenging and entertaining circuits using a variety of objects and elements provided in the game's inventory.

Game Mechanics and Rules

Players start with a blank canvas and a set of basic elements such as parking garages and repair centers. They can then select from a diverse range of objects including ramps, warehouse units, road sections, junctions, barriers, and trees to design their track. The objective is to create a circuit that is both exciting and logical, ensuring smooth navigation for the vehicles and avoiding potential collisions. The game emphasizes strategic placement and thoughtful design to maximize the racing experience.

How to Earn Points or Progress

Points are not directly awarded in Wrong Way as the game focuses more on creativity and exploration rather than traditional scoring mechanisms. However, players can gauge their progress by testing their tracks with various vehicles and refining them based on performance feedback. Progress is measured by the level of challenge and entertainment value offered by the created tracks.

Available Vehicles

Wrong Way features a selection of high-performance vehicles, each offering unique handling characteristics and top speeds. From iconic brands like Mercedes, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Nissan to rugged pick-up trucks, players have the freedom to choose their preferred ride. The detailed design and realistic physics add to the immersive driving experience, enhancing the thrill of navigating custom tracks.

Wrong Way players embark on a journey of creativity and excitement as they design, test, and share their custom race tracks. With a vast array of objects, intuitive controls, and realistic vehicles, the game offers endless possibilities for innovation and fun. Whether crafting challenging circuits or indulging in adrenaline-pumping races, players can unleash their imagination and become driving legends in their own right. Experience the thrill of customization and race your way to victory in Wrong Way today!


Navigating the game interface is intuitive yet offers depth for experienced players. The WASD keys control camera movement, allowing players to explore their creations from different angles. Right-clicking the mouse enables camera rotation for precise placement of objects. Selecting and placing objects is straightforward, with a simple click-and-place mechanic. Objects can be rotated for optimal positioning, ensuring seamless integration with the track layout.

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